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Learn legal English and the law

without having to leave your office

MylegalEnglish Webinars are concentrated in the area of contract law and contract drafting.

The webinars are broken-up into a number of 3 or 4 hour modules so that students have the opportunity to complete an entire contract law course without negatively impacting their ability to be present at work. As each Webinar lasts three hours, completing a course can be easily combined with the participants’ working day.

Students get to book webinars at the time that they are free

you decide when and where you want to study.

Each webinar attendee will receive, prior to the webinar, a series of notes with technical vocabulary often translated into the participants own language. The participant is invited to study this text before attending the webinar in order to maximize his/her learning experience.

So sign up for an individual webinar or do the entire course for a reduced fee of €300 saving €100.


Our Webinars

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