When you buy a Mylegalenglish eBook you are buying much more than a book, you are buying the key to acquiring the technical English you need to find a job and have a successful international career.

Intermediate to Advanced eBooks

What you get when you buy an e book

Each book is divided into ten chapters and each chapter is divided into 4 sections.

Part 1

Technical language vocabulary and technical language learning

In Part 1, students are introduced to the specific area under discussion, learning the relevant concepts and corresponding technical vocabulary.

Technical vocabulary is listed and the terms are either:

  • Translated into the reader’s language (if a language version of the book is available); or alternatively if not
  • Defined in English.

For students with a lower level in English, a preliminary text and technical vocabulary are available in some eBooks to enable them to successfully develop their standard of English. Each text is followed by exercises.

Part 2


Each eBook has a basic grammar section to remind students of the basics of English grammar. The entire grammar section is available to students who also invest in an interactive eLearning course and is partly available for those who limit their purchase to an eBook.

Part 3


This section concentrates on the area of translation and tests the technical vocabulary the student has acquired to date. Students are provided with completed translations, so that they can judge the accuracy of their translations.

Part 4

Advanced knowledge

In part 4, students have a chance to test the knowledge and technical vocabulary they have acquired in the previous section. The function of this section is to allow students to gain advanced knowledge, so that they can begin working using technical English. 

eBooks come with optional online learning course available at reduced price.

What you get when you buy an Online Course

For €5.99 instead of €23,29 (a saving of over 70%), the purchaser of an e book can also receive access to the book’s interactive online tools.

The following interactive tools are available online and accompany each chapter:

  • Online technical vocabulary  An oral technical vocabulary list exists for each chapter, so that the student can listen to the  pronunciation  of each of the words set out in the accompanying technical vocabulary;
  • Two online presentations The student will have access to two online presentations to help with his/her understanding of the text.
    • A presentation discussing the main text in each chapter;
    • A presentation developing the main theme discussed in each chapter.

Each presentation is developed with the purpose of allowing the student to further develop his/her technical vocabulary and legal knowledge.

  • Grammar corner On subscribing to an online course, the student is allowed access to the entire grammar area of the site and is not restricted to accessing the grammar sections set out in the accompanying ebook. There are grammar tests also available to allow students to test their knowledge.
  • Online audition and speech practice For each chapter there is a listening section, where the student can listen to a conversation and then is given an opportunity to develop his/her own responses. There are also exercises to check on the listener’s understanding of the conversation.
  • Test The student will have the opportunity to complete interactive online exercises to test his/her knowledge of the technical vocabulary contained in each course segment.

Having completed the interactive course, readers will not only have acquired a significant technical vocabulary in the areas that have been studied but will also have developed an understanding of the  law. As a result, they will be able to use the acquired vocabulary in work and study situations, improving their overall professional/academic performance.

For those students with very advanced English technical knowledge who wish to learn more about the law we have begun to develop an advanced range of books

Advanced English Books

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