Hi everyone,

In keeping with developed practice, we have decided to launch a blog for the benefit of our clients. The purpose of this blog is to keep our clients up-to-date with developments in the world of legal English and also with developments in our wonderful site. 

English has become as ubiquitous as the common law in the world today. Indeed, we could say that the common law is now the common denominator relied on in the majority of international agreements entered into between businesses operating in different jurisdictions. In much the same way, English is the default language of choice relied on in international relations.

Frequently businesses and lawyers agree to subject their relations to the law of a common law jurisdiction, knowing little of either the law that will become applicable or of the finer points of the English language in which their negotiations are carried out. This places practitioners in an unenviable situation, as ultimately they are being asked to approve transactions that they may not completely understand and the legal effects of which they might not fully appreciate.

The purpose of this site is twofold, namely to improve client’s:

  • Legal English and technical understanding;
  • Understanding of the common law.

Quite simply, we are convinced that you cannot have one without the other and that, both can be learnt together, imperceptibly and painlessly. The products available on the site all adopt this approach, whether you are buying an ebook, taking an online course, attending one of our seminars or subscribing to a webinar.   

Relying primarily on the UK and US legal model, our products attempt to explain the character of the common law today. 

We hope you will enjoy the site and its products…


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