In purchasing an  Online Learning Course, students are buying access to what we consider to be the best interactive technical language-learning product on the market. 

Online interactive courses are developed in tandem with the themes set out in the eBooks and ensure a comprehensive and technical language learning experience for students.

Why not buy accompanying e book so as to have both an e book and online course at the combined price of 29,98€ instead of 47,98€

As the courses are developed to accompany each eBook, they are based on the format of the books. The courses are divided into five parts fitting into the four-part structure of the eBooks, with an added section covering speech and comprehension skills.

Technical language vocabulary and technical language learning Students are given access to a recorded lecture and transcript of the area discussed in Part 1 of the accompanying eBook. Students will also have interactive access to the technical vocabulary and the possibility to test their pronunciation. In this way, they can improve their pronunciation skills and also extend their vocabulary knowledge.  Students also have access to a series of interactive tests to check their knowledge of the topics under discussion and of the relevant legal vocabulary.

Grammar Upon buying a course, students will have full access to a grammar course, so that they can go over the basics of English grammar. The grammar section takes the form of a revision course looking at topics such as verb tenses, modal verbs and other grammar basics. This section also contains exercises to allow students test their grammar knowledge.

Speech and comprehension As language is above all a communication tool, it is essential that students are able to speak and understand English when using a technical vocabulary. Consequently, they have access to a recorded conversation and after listening are quizzed on their comprehension. An interactive element is also available where students are required to both answer questions in English and to also repeat given answers testing their pronunciation. This is to allow students gain confidence when speaking.

Translations This section of the course deals with the area of translation and tests the technical vocabulary the student has acquired to date. Students are provided with completed translations, so that they can judge the accuracy of their translations.

* The translation section is only available for specific language versions of online eCourses.

Advanced knowledge section In this section, students have a chance to test the knowledge and technical vocabulary acquired in the previous sections. In this section, students are required to read a technical text; thereafter they are given access to a recorded lecture on the topic. The function of this section is to allow students gain advanced knowledge and to further develop their vocabulary.

Interactive test. Once a student has completed the five parts in each course segment, the student is required to take a test, which will, if successfully passed, result in the student having the possibility to receive a certificate at the end of the course.

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