Our commitment:
To teach you the English you need to succeed

Mylegalenglish.com has been established to develop and sell specialized English language coaching products to non-Anglophone business professionals.

Ability in technical English has become an indispensable tool for professionals working in business today. From finding a job to achieving that promotion, increasingly professionals and lawyers are being judged on their ability to work through English.

Unlike the quasi-majority of language learning techniques presently available on the market, the products developed by the Company are content driven with a 100% emphasis on technical language learning. Over many years we at Mylegalenglish.com have developed a system whereby even those with limited English skills can master the technical English necessary to be able to perform better at work.

How can we help?

  • Do you want an international career but your level of English lets you down?
  • When at work do you have difficulty understanding contracts and other legal documents?
  • Do you want to study abroad but are afraid you will not be able to participate in English?
  • Do you have difficulty understanding what is being discussed during important meetings and telephone conversations?
  • Do you lack the courage to represent your clients with confidence in English?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then we can help you.

At Mylegalenglish.com we know that in the professional world a major worry of all employers is whether their employees have the technical English necessary to perform their job. Yet nowhere is it possible to learn this English simply and effectively. Up until now acquiring effective technical English has only been available to those students who could afford to go abroad and study. Mylegalenglish.com is now bringing technical English knowledge within the reach of everyone at an affordable price.

Unlike a lot of other English language service providers we will not waste your time and money going over English lessons that you already had in school.

Our aim is to teach clients the English they need to know in order to perform better at work.

Whether you are buying:

  • one of our books,
  • participating in one of our online courses or,
  • subscribing to one of our seminars

We will be teaching you the technical English vocabulary that you need

We concentrate on teaching you the English you need
to know for your professional activity

Because we only concentrate on your technical English needs you can make remarkable and real progress in English over a relatively short period of time.

With Mylegalenglish.com you will become an effective English speaker
able to carry out your work on the international stage

How does our system work?

Our revolutionary system breaks up into a number of clearly defined stages.

  • First we only teach you the technical English you need to know for your area of activity. If you work in the area of contracts, then you need to learn not just legal English but the legal English specific to contracts, the same is true for all other areas of law and business. Our experts, all having many years of expertise in the area of teaching specialized technical English will not just teach you a list of technical words. We know these words mean nothing if you do not understand the concepts behind those words. Moreover, for many languages we provide students with own language equivalent terminology so as to allow students obtain a real understanding of the terms they are learning.

All our products are written for practitioners and seek to teach the English
that lawyers and businessmen 
need to know at work 

Once this understanding is in place we then aim to improve our client’s confidence by having them practice the technical English they have just learnt. This is done:

  • Passively by working on translation exercises.
  • Actively by requiring students to participate in speaking and listening exercises in recreated workplace situations.
  • If you choose to do an online course, once a course is completed, clients’ will receive a certificate of completion and will also have the possibility of sitting an exam with one of our trainers.

And the best part of all …
You never have to leave the comfort of your own home or office.
You decide when you want to learn and for how long.

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